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Subject Application of Tutoring Program for International Students
The Office of International Affairs is recruiting international students who are interested in participating in tutoring program during Fall semester, 2021.

The Tutoring program aims at helping international students to adapt to Korean lifestyle and university life by pairing International students with Korean student tutors.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to apply.

□ For whom
- Tutor : Korean students
- Tutee : Foreign students

□ What
- Tutee will be matched 1:1 with Tutor and may receive one-on-one teaching.
(Tutee and Tutor should make studying plan and submit to the office.)
- Tutor can help Tutee improve language skill, give information of school life, etc.

□ When : Fall Semester, 2021
- 2~3 hours per week, more than 10 times (more than 30 hours)

□ How to apply : apply the Naver form

※ No tuition fee

□ Application Period : until July 16th (Fri), 2021
- Selection and matching result will be notified individually.

□ Contact : ☎ 033-250-6984 / e-mail :
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