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Subject (재업로드)[For Prospective Graduate] Graduation Cap Decoration Event! ♥졸업모자꾸미기♥
2021년 하계졸업을 맞이하여 졸업모자꾸미기 이벤트를 진행하려고 합니다.

We are planning to hold a Graduation Hat Decoration Event for the 2021 Summer Graduation for International student.

참가를 희망하는 2021년 8월 졸업예정 외국인 학생들은 8월11일(수)까지 아래의 설문지를 제출 해주시기 바랍니다.↓↓↓

If you want to participate in Grad Cap Decoration Event for International student, please submit the survey below by August 4th↓↓↓ (Korean) (English)

♥ Congratulations on the 2021 summer graduation of foreign students from Kangwon National University! ♥

♥ To commemorate your graduation we are hosting a bachelor's hat-decorating program during your graduation week.♥

♥ Students who wish to participate should respond to the survey by August 4th (Wednesday).♥

♥ Confirmed students will be contacted individually after August 5th (Thursday).♥

○ Who is eligible: Foreign students scheduled to graduate in August 2021 from Kangwon National University's degree course

○ Date: August 27 (Friday), 30 (Monday) *May be changed*

○ Venue: Global Lounge, 1st floor of Kangwon National University's International Exchange Office

○ Method of operation: Up to 4 people per hour may participate in the bachelor's cap decoration program

○ Provided materials: Bachelor's cap, some decorative subsidiary materials

(However, the design must be thought of by yourself or If you have a design or design you want, print it out or put it on a USB!)

♥ On the day of graduation (8/31) we will prepare a more eventful program♥

♥ We look forward to your participation and visitation. ^^♥


Kangwon National University International Exchange Office (Building number: 212)

Inquiries: 033-250-6997
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