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Subject East of the DMZ : The Eastern Coast of Korea- DMZ Peace Tour for KNU International Students
DMZ peace tour, contributes to the realization of peace on the Korean Peninsula while promoting mutual understanding, reconciliation, social integration, and sustainable development through the tour that can help remembering the pain of war, division and sympathize and communicate with the ecological / cultural/ historical resources contained therein.

- In return of participating in the tour with a low participation fee of 20,000 won, participating foreign students must fill out a questionnaire (satisfaction survey, etc.) about the tour, share and post the contents of the tour through personal SNS accounts. (Required conditions)

 Date and Rounds
- 1st Round : 2021.11.23(Tue) 08:30~18:00
- 2nd Round : 2021.11.24(Wed) OR 25(Thu) 08:30~18:00
- 3rd Round : 2021.11.28.(Sun) 08:30~18:00
- 4th Round : 2021.11.29(Mon) 08:30~18:00
- 5th Round : 2021.11.30(Tue) 08:30~18:00
*Choose when you are applying below.

 Application and expenses.
- Application : Through Google Form Link.
※ Link :
- Fee : 20,000 won.
※ Deposit Account : Shinhan Bank 100-034-707146 협동조합 강원피스투어

 Place
- Chuncheon → Goseong (※Refer to the schedule, for detailed locations, )
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