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Subject apply for "SpeaKo (Speak+Korean) Program"(스피코 프로그램 참가자 모집)
If you want to improve your Korean speaking skills during vacation, Join our ‘SpeaKo’ (Speak+Korean) Program!

□ The number of students to be admitted: A total of 30 students (first come, first served basis will be applied in case of many applicants.)

□ Qualifications: A foreign student who has level 3 or higher in the Korean Language Proficiency Test (TOPIK).

□ Activities
- A group organized with 4 students (1 Korean language education student + 3 foreign students)
- Students with the same level of the Korean proficiency test will be grouped together.
- Under the leadership of the Korean language education students, foreign students will set a speaking topic for each session and proceed with speaking Korean on the subject.
- If there is anything to be revised in the Korean pronunciation, sentence composition, etc. of foreign students, the head of the group will correct and provide assistance
- The rule of at least 8 times more than 8 hours will apply.
- In principle, face-to-face activities* are conducted due to the nature of meetings aimed at language learning, but non-face-to-face activities are also possible through ZOOM.

*The location is provided for face-to-face activities (Global Lounge 09:00 to 18:00).

□ Period: 2022. 1. 3. ~ 2022. 2. 11.

※No participation fee

□ Application Method : By Naver Form until 2021. 12. 15.(Wed)


- After organizing the group in the Office of International Affairs individual notifications will be sent (end of December).
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