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Subject Field Trip to Incheon with Foreign Students (May 28)
□ Field trip guide
ㅇ Theme : Ganghwado, the Scent of History and Sorrow of Exile
ㅇ Lecturer : Han Myung Gi(professor of Myongji University Department of History)
* English interpretation provided
ㅇ When : May 28(Sat) 7:00~18:30 (one day)
ㅇ Where : Incheon Ganghwado, Gyodongdo
* Participants will gather at the NLK(located in Seocho-gu, Seoul) and transport to the travel area by tour bus
ㅇ Main course : Ganghwasansung, Gyodongeupsung, Ganghaegun’s place of exile, Gyodonghyanggyo etc.
* Schedule can be changed depending on local circumstances
ㅇ Participation fee : free

□ Application guide
ㅇ For : foreign students living in Korea
ㅇ When : April 28 (Thu) ~ May 16 (Mon)
ㅇ How/number of participants :
Individual application through NLK website My Book, My History Trip(
20 participants will be confirmed among applicants by lot
* 20 applicants selected additionally in reserve. In case selected participant cancels the trip, applicants in reserve will be contacted in order.
* Selected participants need to submit passport copy(or certificate of alien registration) to get traveler’s insurance
ㅇ Participant announcement : after May 18(Wed) 14:00, notification on website
( and individual contact
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