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Subject Healing Chilling trip with Korean (foreign) students (8/13, 8/20)
<Healing Chilling trip with Korean (foreign) students>

Korean students and international students attending Chuncheon-based universities travel in Chuncheon as a team.

Date – You can choose between 8/13 & 8/20

Participant – 20 Korean students, 20 foreign students

Eligibility – Korean or international students attending a university in Chuncheon

- People interested in Chuncheon travel

- People who want to talk with Koreans and make friends

Application Period – 8/9~8/12

8/13 Flower garden – The museum of book and printing – Samaksan cable car

8/20 Legoland – Jungang market

– Choose one of the courses on 8/13 and 8/20 to travel.

- Two Korean students and two international students will be a team.

- Perform a given mission for each spot.

- There may be a short presentation after the trip is over.

- It is all free.

How to Apply – Complete the Google Form survey

Contact – Chuncheon Cityhall 033-250-4379

Chuncheon City Public Diplomacy team 010-9922-5430, 010-7900-8248
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