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GTEP Business Group holds launching ceremony for 「Online Digital Marketers」
Refer 105 Date 2021.06.03
GTEP Business Group, (Director Kim Tae-in) held the launching ceremony of 「Kangwon National University GTEP Business Group Online Digital Marketers」 at "K-Studio in Gangwon-do Province" on May 14 (Friday).
Earlier in April, Gangwon Province opened Gangwon-do K-Studio, the nation's largest 360-degree studio, and "Online Digital Marketers" will carry out "Gangwon K-Studio Utilization Digital Marketing Export Support Project," a collaboration project between our university, Gangwon-do, Gangwon-do KOTRA Support Group and Gangwon-do Economic Promotion Agency.
34 students from the 15th GTEP business group and 10 companies in the province will participate in the project, and will support buyer matching through the KOTRA Trade Center and a one-on-one online export consultation session.
In particular, students of the GTEP Business Group at Our University will conduct their own activities for the next four months, including supporting video production education companies' export of promotional video production samples, and actively support digital marketing and export expansion.
"Most overseas face-to-face marketing activities have been suspended due to the spread of Covid-19, and local SMEs are suffering greatly," said Kim Tae-in, head of GTEP Business Group. "We will do our best to help outstanding local SMEs make a breakthrough through this online digital market.“