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Establishment of the 「Sustainable Innovation Center」 for the first time at A National University
Refer 74 Date 2021.07.20
KNU has become the first national university in the country to implement the U.N.'s ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ by establishing the 「Sustainable Innovation Center」

‘Sustainable Development Goals’ are the 17 shared goals of mankind at the 70th UN General Assembly in 2015, with the slogan "Leave no one behind" set out 17 goals and 169 detailed goals to end human problems such as hunger, health, human rights, economy and education.

In the future, the Sustainable Innovation Center will play a role in supporting the operation of curriculum and non-textbooks and various institutions to contribute to the community and solve global challenges through education, research, and service.

Our university is leading the regional co-prosperity development and social challenges, with Times Higher Education (THE), a UK global university evaluation agency, ranking 200th in the world (6th in Korea) for the third consecutive year in the 「THE World University Impact Assessment」.

Park Joo-byung, head of the Center for Sustainable Innovation, said, "With the establishment of the National University's first Sustainable Innovation Center, we will make continuous efforts to innovate education and strengthen partnerships with local governments.”