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「The 13th Gangwon Future Science Forum」
Refer 95 Date 2021.07.20
The forum will be co-hosted by our university and Gangwon Province, sponsored by the Gangwon Information&Culture Promotion Agency and Software-oriented University Project Group, and will discuss tasks and future countermeasures to lead the "Metaverse" era.

"Metaverse" is a combination of "Meta," which means transcendence, and "Universe," which means the real world, and is a community space that utilizes virtual and augmented reality and avatar. Geppetto with 200 million global users, Fortnite, and Roblox, which ranked No. 1 in app store game sales, are among the representative metaverse platforms.

At this forum, Kim Sang-kyun, Professor of Industrial Engineering, will present the theme of "The Future of Gangwon Province to be opened by Metaverse." Jun Jin-soo, head of Metaverse CO of SK Telecom, will present "The future of Metaverse drawn by SK Telecom." and Yoo Chang-kyu, head of KT's Gangbuk and Gangwon subsidiaries' customer headquarters, will present the theme of "Movement and Suggestion to Gangwon and Metaverse Platform Cities"

In addition Kim Heung-sung, head of the Gangwon Information and Culture Promotion Agency, will head the comprehensive discussion. Professor Kim Jong-min of Computer Engineering Department, Executive Director Bae Ki-dong of KT's Space and Video DX Business Department, Oh Ji-hyun Unity Korea Lead Vangelist, Jeong Il-kwon, Director of Content Research Division, Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Choi Yeon-cheol, head of the Digital Content Industry Division at the Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency, will discuss the current status of the Metaverse industry and the possibility of virtual and augmented reality technologies.

President Kim Heon-young said, "We are pleased that the Gangwon Future Science Forum, which seeks future scientific development in Gangwon Province, will strengthen the status of an IT powerhouse to lead the global market and promote the development of the metaverse market in Gangwon Province."

Meanwhile, the 13th Gangwon Future Science Forum will limit the number of participants to 50 in line with social distancing to prevent the spread of covid-19, and will later release separate educational and promotional videos to the public.