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KNU Signed a Business Agreement with Gangwon FC to 「Promote the Operation and Mutual Exchange of Youth Soccer Academy」
Refer 53 Date 2021.08.11
Our University and Gangwon Football Club (CEO Lee Young-pyo) signed a business agreement to promote youth soccer academy operation and mutual exchange at the teachers' meeting room on the 3rd floor of the university headquarters on August 4 (Wednesday).
About 10 officials, including President Kim Heon-young and CEO Lee Young-pyo, attended the signing ceremony, and the two organizations agreed to carry out cooperative projects to expand the base of youth soccer and revitalize local sports in Gangwon Province.
The main contents of this agreement are cooperation in the use of sports facilities for the operation of Gangwon FC's Youth Football Academy development and promotion of university sports-related projects (part-time coach recruitment, etc.) and promotion of operating goods for Gangwon FC home games.
Under the agreement, Baengnyeong Sports Center, futsal field, and large stadium will be provided as educational facilities for youth soccer academy, while Gangwon FC plans to foster talented people in the sports industry, including education and technical support for students in sports science and physical education departments, and links to employment of clubs.
From now on, Gangwon FC will start Chuncheon City, where the home stadium and secretariat are located, and will run a soccer academy and soccer camp for 5 year olds to – Elementary School 6th graders, and plans to expand to 18 cities and counties in Gangwon Province by 2025.
"We are very happy to provide opportunities for future soccer talent to grow," said CEO Lee Young-pyo. "We will do our best to build a closer partnership between Kangwon National University and Kangwon FC with this agreement and achieve various synergy effects.“
"We hope that sports students will have a foundation to advance to various careers and related fields through the medium of soccer," said Kim Heon-young, president of Kangwon National University. "We will actively support local sports talents to achieve their dreams in a systematic and stable environment.“