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World University Evaluation Paper Demonstrates Global Research Competency
Refer 72 Date 2021.09.09
KNU is proving its global competitiveness by performing well in a series of world university evaluations announced this year.

Our university ranked 601-700th in the world and 19th in Korea in the 2021 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) released by Shanghai Otong University(上海交通大學) in China on August 17 (Tue).
In particular, in this evaluation, Veterinary Medicine ranked 201-300th in the world (11th in Korea) and Chemical Engineering ranked 401-500th in the world (22nd in Korea).
ARWU has been conducted in more than 1,800 universities around the world since 2003, and evaluates the academic level of universities with clear objective indicators such as the number of Nobel Prize, Fields Prize winners, Science Quotation Index (SCIE), and Social Science Quotation Index (SSCI).
In addition, our university ranked 276th among universities in Asia and the Pacific region and 25th in Korea in the 「2021 Nature Index Evaluation」 released by the world-renowned science journal Nature in May.

By detailed field, it ranked 9th in Korea, 20th in Chemistry, and 33rd in Life Science in Korea in the field of Global Environment.

The Nature Index ranks based on the researchers' institutions, co-authors' contributions, and academic weights that publish papers in 82 leading international journals, and is evaluated as the most authoritative indicator in the field of Basic Science.

Earlier in April, our university ranked 200th in the world (6th in Korea) for the third consecutive year in The University Impact Rankings 2021 released by Times Higher Education, a global university evaluation agency in the UK. In May, it has been continuously receiving excellent reviews, ranking 21st in Korea in the 2021-2022 CWUR World University Rankings of the Center for World University Rankings, a non-profit educational organization in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
President Kim Heon-young said, "The reason why we were able to receive good reviews in the evaluation of universities around the world despite difficulties caused by COVID-19 was that our members' united efforts to innovate and strengthen research capabilities paid off. We will continue to do our best to become a global research-oriented university."