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KNU held a plogging event called 「2022 KNU Duri Pickup」
Refer 62 Date 2022.05.11
On April 22nd (Friday), our university held a 2022 plogging event called KNU Duri Pickup, which is walking or jogging while picking up trash.

About 70 faculty members and student council members participated in the event, and they carried out environmental cleanup activities to pick up trash while walking along the section of Songam Sports Town, Chuncheon MBC, and Gongjicheon Uiam Park in Chuncheon.

Earlier, our university held two plogging events in November 2021 and officially introduced them as our university's volunteer program after receiving a high satisfaction score (4.8 points/5 points) as a result of a follow-up survey conducted on faculty members.

President Kim Heon-young said, "We conducted a plogging program again following last year to spread social awareness that we can practice environmental protection in our daily lives," adding, "We will continue to expand various programs that can contribute to the local community through small practices."

Meanwhile, "plogging" is a combination of Swedish "plocka up" meaning "picking up," and English "jogging," an environmental campaign that picks up trash while walking or running around. Since it first started in Sweden in 2016, it has become popular in that it can protect health and the environment at the same time.