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Traditional Hanbok Experience Event 「Happy Hanbok Day」 for Foreign Exchange Students
Refer 52 Date 2022.05.23
The Office of International Affairs(Dean Kim Kyung Tae) held a 「Traditional Hanbok Experience-Happy Day」 for foreign exchange students at the Global Lounge of the International Affairs from March 24 (Thur) to May 3 (Tue).

The event was designed to arrange opportunities for foreign exchange students to experience traditional Korean culture and exchange with students.

With the help of the "Together Volunteer Group" belonging to the Chuncheon Volunteer Center, the event operated various cultural events such as ▲ wearing hanbok ▲ Learning Korean traditional etiquette ▲ theme photo zone ▲ wearing hanbok and going out on campus.

"Through this cultural event, I was able to learn how to wear hanbok and it was a good opportunity to experience Korean culture," said Hong Nga Leova a Czech exchange student who participated in the event.

In order to prevent COVID-19, the event was held while limiting the number of participants in the event to less than 10 per hour and thoroughly following quarantine rules such as banning to eat at the venue.

"We have prepared events for foreign exchange students who visited Korea for the first time to experience Korean traditional culture," said Kim Kyung Tae, dean of the International Affairs. "We will continue to actively expand various programs to inform and interact with Korean culture to multinational students."

Meanwhile, the International Affairs plans and operates various programs for the active campus life of foreign students, such as "Invited Exchange Student Cultural Event" and "Bazaar for International Students: Blossom Market."