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Subject Korean Language Placement Test (Level Test) Fall Semester 2014
We ask all International Students to take the placement test.
Exchange students who do not wish to take Korean classes as their credit course, please do not take the placement exam. However we encourage you to participate in Korean classes as it will not only make your university life easier but may also help you in everyday life in Korea.
1. Target: Enrolled International Graduate, Undergraduate and Exchange Students
2. Date:
- 1st - 1 September 2014 (Mon), 15:00, College of Humanitiy #2, Room 108
- 2nd- 4 September 2014 (Thu), 15:00, College of Humanitiy #2, Room 108
3. Notice
-  After taking the test, students will be automatically registered to the appropriate class. The matter is entirely handled by the Korean Language Department, therefore it is impossible for a student to register for the course onilne. Students who took and completed their classes last semester can personally register for classes in the Korean Language Department (you do not need to take the placement test)
- For graduation student need to either receive an exemption for taking the Korean classes (by taking the level test) or to complete at least two semesters of the Korean Language course. There were cases in which studetns could not graduate because of being unable to complete Korean classes. Therefore, make sure to attend the level test and take the classes afterwards.
4. For more questions, please contact:
Yura Oh (오유라), Korean Language and Literature Department,  033-250-8120

For class schedule please check the attachments
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