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The Commemorative Address of the 73rd Anniversary of Foundation of Kangwon National University and Inauguration Speech of the 12th President
Refer 377 Date 2020.06.16
Dear Kangwon National University students!
Staff and alumni families who are here together!

Today we have a meaningful day, it is the 73rd anniversary of the foundation of Kangwon National University.
First, I commemorate the 73rd anniversary of opening with all our Kangwon National University family and thank all those who helped me in many ways up to that glorious day.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to many people at home and abroad, including former Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon, Rep. Heo Young, Rep. Lee Chul-kyu, Superintendent of Education Min Byung-hee, Mayor Lee Jae-soo, Mayor Kim Yang-ho, Mayor Cho In-mook, Chairman Lee Pil-hyun, and Chairman of the National Assembly Kim Sang-dong.

Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic destabilized not only in our country but also in the whole world. I am very sorry that all of our students, professors, and employees are facing such a challenging time, and I hope you will understand that we did not invite many people to this event.
I want to thank the staff who are working hard to manage the situation so that we can overcome it safely, the students who actively cooperate with the school policy, and the professors who doing their best for making the online classes they had no experience with it.

Let's hope that the COVID-19 will end soon and let us all work together to overcome it.

As you know, Kangwon National University was established as Chuncheon Agricultural University in 1947 and used to have a temporary lecture room because there was no official lecture room. During the Korean War, we set up university signboards in Busan and Wonju and continued the spirit of ‘Sil-sa-gu-si’, fulfilling our role and responsibilities as a university.

It was able to grow into Kangwon National University today because there were many senior staff members and alumni who devoted themselves to academic research and post-graduate education.

Now we have to take over the love of our seniors to the school and lead the new future society again.

"The college is the blue bud of our society and the fruit of our society." It is written an editorial in our university’s newspaper published in May 1977, 43 years ago. " It should grow in the rain and wind for tomorrow's greenness, and the eggs must be made steadily for the abundant harvest of tomorrow. "

It is a very precious record that tells us that the driving force of our Kangwon National University has been growing for the past 73 years. With a message that reminds us of what the mission of the university is, it tells our juniors once more to think about the will of our seniors and to remember them of their responsibility and leadership.

Dear members of Kangwon National University!

Kangwon National University is recognized both at home and abroad as an exemplary and innovative educational community where students, parents, faculty, alumni, and local communities are organically connected.

This was possible because our university was able to stand on the world stage. Above all, it was supported by the efforts of students and universities to create the right ownership, innovative education, and socioeconomic value.

In particular, in the past four years, all the families and local communities of Kangwon National University have joined forces to achieve outstanding results in various financial support projects and university evaluations of the government. In the review of world universities of prestigious international institutions such as QS and THE, our university has been able to leap to the top 20 in Korea.

Dear members of Kangwon National University!

Universities should contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of the local community and the nation through cultivating human resources as a knowledge-based community.

To do this, it is necessary to connect not only the truth and knowledge of the university but also the social function of employment.

The education and social responsibilities of the university should be shared with corporate activities and connected with productive achievements so that the organization will grow and society will develop. The role of leaders who see and act first is essential.

Not long ago, the Korean president also announced a Korean-style New Deal policy to take advantage of the Corona 19 crisis as an opportunity: the key is to train digital leaders through personal investment.

This shows that the government has a strong will to cultivate innovative talents and lead the world through digital knowledge and technology development along with changing times. Once again, it is time for us all to join forces to overcome the economic crisis in Korea.

In particular, the government's digital infrastructure construction and non-face-to-face industry development projects should be an excellent opportunity for universities to play a pivotal role in the development of new technologies and start-up activities that are needed to open up the future of the Korean society.

In response to this changing times, Kangwon National University has been continuously investing in building educational infrastructures based on the convergence of humanities and science and technology that meet the needs of education consumers and society to realize the educational goal of 'cultivating creative and cooperative talents.'

Since then, we continued to expand the industrial-friendly education and research activities that are suitable for the best universities for the fifth consecutive year in the evaluation of the industrial viewpoint, and lead the era of the fourth industrial revolution.

Dear members of Kangwon National University!

Korea was able to overcome the Korean War and the IMF crisis because of the culture of ‘I sacrificed first and respected others’, if the current Corona 19 situation is considered in this principle, it will not only be overcomed with wiseness but also lead a new future.

I will prepare for the future with a new determination with you as we celebrate today the 73rd anniversary of the foundation of Kangwon National University. We will prepare for the great 100 years anniversary of our Kangwon National University with a great sense of responsibility and vocation.

Above all, we will establish an education system for the students and grow into the most innovative global leading university through inclusive governance and regional cooperation.

Please cooperate with me to discuss commitments and suggestions with all of our Kangwon National University families.

First, we will achieve education and research innovation that leads to the post-corona era.

We will open up a customized future education era for residents and university member who want opportunities to acquire knowledge as well as, by spurring more educational innovation projects such as the stable operation of the Smart Campus e-Luri system, which is our university's own learning management platform, as well as the activation of future convergence virtual science department and free electrical engineering department, RC program and the introduction of Micro-Degree.

In particular, we will provide Micro-Degree courses to citizens online to lead the transition to the Untact industry and make them a brand of our university.

Besides, we will foster world-class research institutes through the revitalization of joint and convergence research among local universities in new industrial fields such as bio, health care, renewable energy, and advanced materials, which are the main businesses of Gangwon Province.

Second, we will achieve cooperative growth through inclusive governance.

Through a rational decision-making process and a decentralized vice-presidential system in which all the members of the university participate, we will strengthen the autonomy and competitiveness of the university administration and faithful to the original function of education.

We will try to make students, professors, and employees who makes the educational community, study and work in better systems and better spaces.

In particular, we will provide students with the benefits of public education to achieve their dreams, and look closely at the human rights of students and faculty members and the improvement of the people's welfare.

Also, to raise the employment rate of students, I will visit the industries directly to publicize the excellence of our university's education and industry-university cooperation field, and strive to make our talents from Kangwon National University participate in various fields of society and demonstrate their skills.

We will continue to provide professors with the best educational and research environment that is the core of R & D innovation and to improve working conditions so that employees can balance work and life.

Third, we will continue to lead the regional innovation growth through the specialization by campus.

We will expand the open campus, which was promoted mainly by industry-academia cooperation, to the social, economic, and cultural fields following the needs of the times. We will serve as a hub for regional industry development and cultural development.

Chuncheon Campus will support convergence and group research between universities through campus innovation park and regional innovation platform. It will strengthen its role as a base university for youth job creation and essential protection and source technology.

Samcheok Campus will strengthen the cooperation of industry-academia in the field of liquified hydrogen and disaster prevention, education and research functions, centering on the newly opened Green Energy Research Center, and the Dogye Campus will become a "Barrier-Free City" base university through strengthening practical training in health science and new education research institute.

Fourth, we will build a foundation for sustainable growth through branding of Kangwon National University.

We will lead the era of inter-Korean peace by more fully committed to the inter-Korean exchange and cooperation academy, graduate school peace department, and border cooperation project, which have been promoted to realize the vision of a central university in Korea.

In particular, we will discuss more closely with local governments, businesses, and research institutes in Gangwon Province, and will open a new horizon for the development of higher education in Gangwon Province in cooperation with universities in the province.

In addition, I will appeal directly to the companies to become sponsors of the university development fund. Just as our university has achieved remarkable growth with the support of many people, I will contact everybody who loves and wants to help our Kangwon National University.

My dear Kangwon National University family!

Our lives should be a continuation of the Kairos.

We can create our time and our lives only by bringing out creativity through freedom and challenge, not merely changing time.

As seen in the history of not only Korea but also the world's advanced countries, efforts to achieve an innovative society are only possible when there are sharing and practice of all of us, not just of the individual.

The past four years of experience with you have clearly shown the sustainability and potential of our Kangwon National University to grow into a future educational community.

Let's continue the brilliant history of Kangwon National University through this place today, and let's all go together so that Kangwon National University can make a more significant leap.

Once again, I sincerely thank all those who have congratulated and encouraged us for today's event and wish you all the health and happiness.
Thank you.

2020. 6. 12.
Kangwon National University President Kim Heon-young