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Kangwon Institute of Technology (KIIT), and the selection of the Regional Innovation Leading Research Center in 2020
Refer 275 Date 2020.07.28
The Kangwon Institute of Technology (Director Lee Jung-hyung) of our university was finally determined as a final selection for the Regional Leading Research Center (RLRC) in 2020, supported by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Research Foundation on July 1 (Wednesday).

The Regional Leading Research Center (RLRC) is a project to support basic research on innovative growth areas set by region. Our university was selected for each of the four regions across the country, and our university was selected for Daegu, Gyeongbuk, and Gangwon regions.

Following the selection of the project, the Bio-New Drug Innovation Materials Convergence Leading Research Center of our university will receive 13 billion won, along with the Research Institute of Antibody Research at Scripps Korea from the government and local governments (Gangwon-do, Chuncheon-si) for seven years until February 2027. It will be researching the development of innovative antibodies and peptide new drug materials for the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases.

In particular, in order to preoccupy the development of bio-drugs in Gangwon Province and revitalize the local industry, the center plans to carry out various research and development project, such as establishing an antibody development base and practical research, developing immunocytologic drugs, and developing new drug materials targeting cancer and inflammatory diseases.

Moreover, it is expected to contribute to job creation and prevention of leakage of excellent human resources in the province through the transfer of practical technology of bio-drug developers in the region, joint research and development, and training of the professional workforce.

Through the establishment of the Kangwon Institute of Inclusive Technology in September 2018, our university is striving to develop fusion research and development in response to changes in the future society and to promote R&D industry-university cooperation. It was selected for this project in recognition of its outstanding achievements in building a research innovation system and cultivating professional talents, including a comprehensive support system for promoting medium and large-scale research projects.

Excellent engineering professors and full-time researchers are behind KIIT’s research results. By concentrating on the research capacity of the university, KIIT supports the fusion and complex-based group research. ▲ Securing the source technology of the future industry ▲ Building a self-sustaining research ecosystem in the school ▲ Cultivating professional workforce in the region ▲ Strengthening the competitiveness of new strategic industries.

“KIIT is a fusion and complex group research institute that has professors and researchers with expertise and research results in their respective fields, and is faithfully playing a role in providing a stable research environment and supporting young researchers,” said Lee Jung-hyung, director of the institute. “We will do our best to present a new leading model for mutual growth and development of our university, local governments, and Scripps Korea Antibody Research Institute through the selection of this project.”

“We will maximize the synergy effect by creating a growth engine for small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of biopharmaceuticals by providing excellent research infrastructure and professional manpower of our university, and by establishing an innovation platform for universities, local governments, enterprises, and research institutes in the region,” he said. “We will provide innovative growth engines for the bio industry, which is a strategic industry in Gangwon Province, and contribute to the training of professional researchers through the development of source technology for bio-drug materials.”

“The selection for this project is meaningful because our efforts to provide stable research infrastructure with customized support to excellent professors and researchers is now bearing fruit beyond administrative support for existing individual researchers and researchers,” said Kim Hun-young, president of the university. “We will actively support KIIT to become a think tank for the fusion and complex innovation project of Gangwon region and to become an industry-academy-research hub university.”