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'COVID-19 Scholarship' Delivers Scholarships to Students Who are Experiencing Economic Difficulties
Refer 262 Date 2020.08.11
On July 9 (Thursday), our university delivered the ‘COVID-19 Scholarship' to support students experiencing economic difficulties due to the prolonged COVID-19 crisis.

The 1,700 faculty members donated to the fund and collected a total of 78,997,710 won (Chuncheon Campus 6,057,710 won / Samcheok Campus 18,424,000 won) deducting a certain amount from their salary.

The scholarships will be paid to students who are recipients of basic living costs or whose parents lost their parents' jobs or closed business since January 2020. They will be paid divided between two semesters: the first semester and second semesters.

A total of 159 students applied for the first-semester scholarship. After the qualification examination, 146 students (89 undergraduates in Chuncheon, four graduate students / 51 undergraduates in Samcheok, and two graduate students) were selected, and 200,000 won were provided per person.

Our university delivered scholarships to Chuncheon Campus scholarship students on July 9 (Thursday) without a separate delivery ceremony, considering the COVID-19 situation, and Samcheok Campus will pay scholarships on July 21 (Thursday).

"COVID-19 Scholarship that all the faculty members have actively participated in to share their difficulties is significant," said Kim Heon-young, president of the university. "We hope that it will be a small amount of comfort and contribution to students and parents who are experiencing many difficulties due to the COVID-19 crisis."

Meanwhile, our university has been making continuous efforts to overcome the COVID-19 crisis by paying 39 students about 39 million won for the "KNU-SOS Scholarship" to support students whose parents have suffered unemployment and unpaid leave of absence due to COVID-19 or small business self-employed families in April.