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Preliminary selection of 15 educational research groups (teams) of the 4th Stage BK21 Project
Refer 221 Date 2020.11.03
Five educational research groups and ten educational research teams from our university were selected as preliminary candidates for the Fourth-Stage Brain Korea 21 (BK21) project organized by the Ministry of Education and the Korea Research Foundation. This is twice the result of the selection for "Third-Stage BK21".

The "Fourth Stage BK21 Project", which will be held for seven years from September following the "Third Stage BK21 Plus Project", will support graduate student research scholarships and personnel expenses for new researchers so that the next generation can concentrate on academic studies and research. It is a project to train research personnel.

This year, the 4th Stage BK21 Project was divided into two types: the Future Talent Training Project, which enhances research capabilities in basic and core fields such as science and technology and humanities, and the Innovation Talent Training Project, which aims to enhance competitiveness in the new industry and nurture fusion and complex research personnel. A total of 562 educational research groups (teams) were selected, including 386 educational research groups and 176 educational research teams, from 68 universities. It will support 408 billion won a year (total 2.9 trillion won).

The following department from our university were selected in the type of 'Future Talent Training Project': Department of Biochemistry (Professor Jung Doo-il), Department of Geophysics (Professor Jang Sung-joon), Department of Geology (Professor Lee Jin-yong), Department of Chemistry (Professor Lee Pil-ho), Department of Forest Biomaterial Engineering (Professsor Lee Seung-hwan), Department of Pharmacy (Professor Ko Hyun-jung), Department of Food and Environment Convergence (Profesor Oh Duk-hwan), Department of Philosophy (Professor Kim Jin-chul), Professor Choi Hee-bong) ▲ total of 10 educational research teams including BioHealth Convergence Department (Professor Wang Myung-hyun).

Five educational research groups were selected in the type 'Innovative Talent Training Project' ▲ Biohealth Device Convergence Technology Cooperative Course (Professor Kim Byung-hee), BIT Medical Convergence Science (Professor Kim Sang-hoon), Big Data Medical Convergence Department (Professor Lee Sang-ah), High Functional Materials and Device Technology Advancement Cooperative Course (Profesor Lee Sung-man), and Education Humanities Cooperation Department (Professor Kim Jin-young).

In particular, the 4th Stage BK21 Project will support the Graduate School Innovation Support Fund only for universities with more than five educational research groups. Selected of 68 universities, 19 universities including KNU were included in the support list.

“The results of this selection are as follows: three key research institutes, four BRL (Basic Laboratory Support Projects), one RLRC (Regional Innovation Leading Research Center), and two Core-Facility (Core Research Capacity Enhancement Project Core Research Support Centers), which are an extension of the active large-scale business orders,” said Chung Young-mi, director of research at the institute. I hope it will be a turning point enabling KNU to take a leap from amalgamated graduate school to research-oriented university.”