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KNU has ranked 4th at 「2021 Korea’s Best Workplace」 in the field of education (University)
Refer 41 Date 2021.03.19
“Selected as 「2021 Korea’s Best Workplace」 by proving the best working environment and welfares”
Ranked 4th at 「2021 Korea’s Best Workplace」 in the field of education (University)

#Ranked 1st between National Universities! Ranked 4th in the field of education (University) and 39th in overall ranking
#The research has organized by Hankook Ilbo, The Korean Times, and the global research institution “Stastita”
#KNU has proved its devotion for improving working conditions of faculty and staff

On what basis do most people choose a job? In order to choose a good job, there are many factors to consider, such as annual salary, job security, growth potential, and guarantee of work balance. In particular, as many office workers faced a crisis such as restructuring or wage cuts due to Covid-19, the importance of welfare and working environment is becoming more and more prominent. In spite of difficult situation due to Covid-19, KNU has been selected as the 「2021 Korea’s Best Workplace」 as a result of steadily improving the working environment and providing various career opportunities for our members. KNU has ranked 4th in the field of education (university) in the 「2021 Korea’s Best Workplace」 evaluation announced on February 5 by the “Statista,” a global research organization in Germany, and the Hankook Ilbo and The Korea Times.

Q. Who selected 「2021 Korea's Best Workplace」 and what were the criteria?
「2021 Korea's Best Workplace」 was selected by 'Statista', a global research partner specializing in international ranking/evaluation, Hankook Ilbo and The Korea Times. 'Statista', headquartered in Germany, has conducted this survey annually with world-renowned journals such as Newsweek, Financial Times, Forbes. This is the first time Statista have announced the results of a survey targeting Korean companies and institutions. This survey conducted a survey of 1,500 workers in domestic companies with 200 or more employees, and selected 400 companies in 30 fields out of a total of 4,500 companies and companies as 「2021 Korea’s Best Workplace」. The evaluation criteria are ▲ image of company ▲ reliability ▲ gender equality ▲ social responsibility ▲ culture ▲ welfare, etc.

Q. What is the secret of KNU being selected as the best workplace in Korea?
KNU received 7.63 points out of 10 in 「2021 Korea’s Best Workplace」 evaluation, ranking 4th in the field of education (university), 1st in the national university, and 39th in the overall ranking of 400 companies and institutions. The first place in the field of education (university) was the Air Force Academy (8.00), followed by Korea University (7.88) and Yonsei University (7.66). It was analyzed that the company that was selected as the best workplace has steadily improved the working environment and provided various career opportunities for its members despite of Covid-19 pandemic. President Kim Heon-young said, “This is very meaningful for us to be appreciated that we put so much efforts to expand the welfare of faculty and develop the local community though in a difficult situation of Covid-19. We will do our best to provide a stable research and educational environment for professors and make a happier workplace for employees.”

Q. What are the working conditions and welfare of KNU?
In 2010, KNU established a workplace day care center for the first time in a public institution in Chuncheon, and promoted a 'work-family balance work culture' by operating a free maternity and parental leave system, strengthening female teacher capacity, and expanding flexible working (work from home) in response to Covid-19. We also implement various activities to improve the working environment and social contribution of employees, such as lifelong education and support for strengthening job competency, expansion of rest spaces for faculty members, operation of the Baekryeong Volunteer Corps, and intensive volunteer service to the local community.

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