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KNU Selected as the best university in 「2020 Industry Perspective University Evaluation」 for 6 years in a row
Refer 40 Date 2021.03.19
“Selected as the best university recognized by the industry for 6 years in a row, the highest consecutive record for national and public universities.”
KNU Selected as the best university in 「2020 Industry Perspective University Evaluation」 for 6 years in a row.

#College of Engineering Major in Architectural Engineering (Architecture (Construction) Field)
#“Most consecutive records” among national and public universities in Korea.
# Proof of talent cultivation competency tailored to industry needs

The demands of the industry are also diversifying according to the rapidly changing social environment such as the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Post Corona. Accordingly, KNU maintains a close industry-academic cooperation system, operates a curriculum that actively reflects the voices of the industry, and strives to cultivate talents focused on job competency to meet the industrial field. KNU's efforts to cultivate human resources required by society were once again recognized through the feat of being selected as the best university for six consecutive years in the 「2020 Industry Perspective University Evaluation」. In this evaluation, KNU was selected as the best university in the ‘architecture (construction) field’ of the architectural engineering major in the College of Engineering (Samcheok), and was selected as the best university in a row among national and public universities in the country.

Q. What is 「University」 Evaluation from Industry Perspective”?
'Industrial Perspective University Evaluation' is simply how companies evaluate how much the university's curriculum reflects the demands of the industry. In order to match the competencies of college graduates and the qualitative workforce required by the industry, the head of industry departments proposes core competencies and related subjects for each field and evaluates the degree of conformity of the university curriculum. Organizations (Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, National Federation of Businessmen, Korea International Trade Association, Small and Medium Business Federation, and Korea Business Owners Association) are jointly implemented. We are inducing universities to reflect industrial demands in their curriculum through the “university evaluation from an industry perspective,” and are laying the foundation for fostering convergent talents who will lead the era of the 4th industrial revolution.

Q. What kind of competitiveness is the 'Architectural Engineering Major' selected as the best department?

The Architectural Engineering Major (Samcheok), which was selected as the best department in this evaluation, obtained 'A grade' in the evaluation four years ago, and then reorganized the curriculum in response to the needs of the industry, and expanded participation in employment/startup programs and field training. We have consistently provided major education in connection with the industrial field. In particular, to expand the diversity of major education ▲ Curriculum-linked comparison and learning support program ▲ Field trip program for construction companies ▲ Intensive learning class for architects' certifications ▲ Invited lectures by experts, etc. ▲ To improve students' career exploration and learning ability ▲ Major professor One-on-one counseling with ▲ We are actively operating dream-design courses. In addition, since 2007, the “Rural House Repair Volunteer Team,” in which advisors and current students participate, has been continuously practicing house repair and construction volunteer activities for the elderly living alone and underprivileged households in the vicinity of the university every year.

Q What are the grades of KNU's 「Industry Perspective University Evaluation」 in the past 6 years?
In the evaluation of last year (2019), KNU was selected as the best university in the field of food (Major in Food and Biotechnology, Faculty of Bio-industrial Engineering (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences), and ▲ Bio-pharmaceutical Field (College of Biomedical and Biomedical Sciences, Biomedical Convergence) in 2018 ▲2017 Electronic Semiconductor (Department of Electronic Engineering, University of IT), Refinery Petrochemical (Department of Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering), Cosmetics (Department of Herbal Medicine Resource Development, College of Health Sciences) ▲Architecture (Construction) in 2016 (Urban Architecture) Undergraduate Architectural Engineering Major) ▲In 2015, each of them received the best evaluation in the food field (Food and Biotechnology Department).