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「Kangwon University K-Cloud Mobile」 service has started
Refer 31 Date 2021.03.19
“More convenient and smarter! K-Cloud Mobile, reborn as user-centered”
「Kangwon University K-Cloud Mobile」 service has started

#Providing customized services for students, professors, and staff
#Significantly expanding the convenience of user-centered information access
#One-stop from smart attendance service to academic and scholarships

「Kangwon University K-Cloud Mobile」, the official mobile app of KNU, has been completely reorganized into a more convenient and smart “user-oriented” service. It has been transformed into a completely new look, such as a completely reorganized design with enhanced convenience and readability, and significant upgrade with user-customized functions. The biggest feature is that user convenience has been greatly improved by significantly expanding user-centered new functions through collecting opinions from students and faculty. Join the 「Kangwon University K-Cloud Mobile」 app now, which has the latest news from KNU, as well as a smart attendance service, an one-stop solution to academics and scholarships.

「Kangwon National University K-Cloud Mobile」 knows what you want
Prior to this service reorganization, KNU went through a process of collecting user needs through surveys and business discussions targeting main users, including students and faculty members. As a result, we were able to significantly expand user-oriented services, such as expanding the existing 60 menus to 153 menus. Accordingly, a main screen tailored for each student, professor, and staff is provided, and students can conveniently receive comparisons and program mileage status, professors receive departmental student recruitment rates, and employees receive education and training achievements.

Make your college life easier and more convenient, don't miss out on the core features!
From various academic services to important school news, you can now solve with one 「Kangwon University K-Cloud Mobile」. This is because you can easily check the status of application and progress for academic services, including leave of absence, return to school, transfer, and minor/double major, as well as major policies inside and outside the school with a ‘K-feed’ personal message. In particular, the convenience has been further enhanced by allowing users to expose frequently used services on the main screen through the 'Quick Menu' function.

Use it safely with a more sophisticated and diversified authentication system!
To strengthen security, a multi-authentication system such as biometric authentication and pattern authentication was introduced when logging in, and keyboard security was applied to prevent forgery and falsification of input information. In particular, the smart attendance system for students has also become more sophisticated. To prevent fraudulent attendance, the number of authentication methods has been expanded from 2 to 6, and attendance processing is possible only with the on-campus wireless LAN (AP). Instead, the existing authentication number method (OTP), as well as the classroom seat number entered through the NFC function or authenticated with a QR code, diversified the attendance method, including not only undergraduate classes, but also widened to graduate schools, comparative programs, and job training for faculty members.

The evolution of 「Kangwon University K-Cloud Mobile」 is ongoing
Director of Information Systems and Technology Division Kim Dong-hoe said, “Through the launch of this official app, students can more conveniently apply for lectures and academic services with a single smartphone. We will do our best to increase the satisfaction of university members in the future.” KNU plans to provide building access management services using apps from April, and plans to expand various services step by step.

How to use 「Kangwon University K-Cloud Mobile」: Available for download from Google Play Store / Apple App Store