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Aerial view of 「Campus Innovation Park Industry-Academia-Research Innovation HUB」 released
Refer 36 Date 2021.03.26
KNU has unveiled an aerial view of the 「Campus Innovation Park」, which has been promoted as the first phase of the project. The architectural design of the building was selected via the “Campus Innovation Park Industry-Academic Innovation HUB” design contest.
The design submitted by “Kuwon Architects Planners Engineers” and “Architectural Offices Yoo Deok Architecture” were co-selected in the design contest organized by KNU and Korea Land & Housing Corporation.
The selected design stood out in that it incorporated the university’s “Open Campus” development strategy by suggesting a three-dimensional ground for mutual exchange with the local community while also proposing a coexistence space with the local society which is a part of the collaboration campus plan.
In particular, the “Landscape Slope,” reinterpreting the existing ridges of the campus and the site, was adopted as part of the design to create a three-dimensional space that combines the natural environment and various programs. By doing so, the design helped to establish the unique identity of Kangwon National University's Innovation Park.
The 'Campus Innovation Park Industry-Academia-Research Innovation HUB' is expected to cost around 50.5 billion won. The building is planned to be 8 stories above ground and the total floor area will be around 22,300 m². The actual construction will begin after the completion of the detailed design which is schedule to be completed on the first half of 2021, and is aimed to be finish by the May 2023.
The interior of the building is designed to provide an open connected pathway from the integrated lobby on the 1st floor to the dream ground on the 4th floor to allow active communication between tenant companies. The building is also equipped with “creative step space” which consists of seminar rooms, exhibition halls, and relaxation rooms where various activities can be conducted.
「The Campus Innovation Park Creation Project」 is a project to transform idle site in the university to an urban high-tech industrial complex. KNU was the only national within the country to be selected for the following project.
KNU aims to attract 150 high-tech start-up companies in the Bio, IT, and Culture sector at the 「Industry-Academic-Research Innovation HUB」 during phase one of the project. The newly recruited companies within the hub is expected to create 150 billion won in annual sales and 900 jobs.
President Heon-young Kim said “The 「Campus Innovation Park Industry-Academic-Innovation HUB」 will become a place for students to learn entrepreneurship, a space for opportunities and hopes for start-up companies, and a new community to promote regional development for local residents. KNU will work to make the campus innovation park a hub for regional innovation where universities, local governments, and companies grow together while creating a friendly atmosphere for future young entrepeneurs.”