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Selection of the Basic Research Laboratory Support Project for 2020
Refer 199 Date 2020.07.24
Our university was selected as the '2020 Basic Research Laboratory Support Project' supported by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Research Foundation.

The Basic Research Laboratory (BRL) Support Project is a project that supports research groups that are the basis for the revitalization of multidisciplinary research and contributes to the cultivation of next-generation creative and convergent researchers. This year, 100 research teams from all fields of science and technology were selected.

Professor Yoo Hyuk-sang of the Department of Biomedical Engineering is the director of the research. Professor Park Joo-hyun of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Professor Chung Young-mi of the Department of Chemistry, and Professor Park Jong-min of the Department of Chemistry participate as co-researchers. The 3-year project aims at monitoring ‘cell conversion in situ high contents in 3D microenvironment’ with 1,330 million won for 3 years.

The research team plans to identify the mechanisms of cell conversion processes such as inductive pluripotent stem cell dedifferentiation at the genetic level through interdisciplinary fusion and complex research in chemistry, spectroscopy, tissue engineering, and cell engineering, and to carry out various research activities to secure the original technology of regenerative medicine.

Professor Yoo Hyuk-sang, the director of research, said, "We expect that multidisciplinary research will contribute greatly to the establishment of Kangwon National University as a world-class research-oriented university as well as to contribute the development of the field of regenerative medicine and the development of source technology, "