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「International Development Cooperation Photo Exhibition in Commemoration of International People's Day」 by Gangwon International Development Cooperation Center
Refer 95 Date 2021.06.03
Gangwon International Development Cooperation Center (Director Kim In) will hold the "International Development Cooperation Photo Exhibition to Celebrate World People's Day" at Exit 2 of Chuncheon Station from May 17 (Mon) to May 21.
The photo exhibition was designed to promote the international community's efforts to create a society where Chuncheon citizens and Chuncheon Station users live together in commemoration of World People's Day on May 20.
"World People's Day" is a national anniversary established in 2007 by the Framework Act on the Treatment of Foreigners in Korea to create a multi-cultural society in which people from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds understand and coexist with each other.
Gangwon International Development Cooperation Center has held annual photo exhibitions on Korea's overseas volunteer activities and KOICA's overseas aid projects, and 20 photos of international development cooperation projects conducted by KOICA and Gangwon International Development Cooperation Center will be displayed.
"As solidarity and cooperation of the international community have become important due to the Covid-19 crisis, we hope this photo exhibition will serve as an opportunity to increase Chuncheon citizens' interest in the ODA project," said Kim In, head of the center.
Meanwhile, Gangwon International Development Cooperation Center is established and operated as an organization in Kangwon National University under a business cooperation agreement between Gangwon-do, Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and Kangwon National University to contribute to internationalization, It is carrying out projects such as counseling, consultation, evaluation, and monitoring of ODA projects in Gangwon Province, participating in ODA training and public relations.