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『Proud People of KNU Awards』 were held, Celebrating the 74th anniversary of the school's foundation
Refer 74 Date 2021.07.01
On June 23, at 3 p.m. in the president's office, our university held the 『Proud People of KNU Grand Prize Ceremony』 to celebrate the 74th anniversary of its opening.

The awards ceremony was designed to congratulate and thank the winners of the "Proud People of KNU" selected to mark the 74th anniversary of the school's opening this year, and to ask for continued interest and affection for the development of the university.

Our university has selected alumni and students who contributed to the university's development every year (June 14), but this year's opening ceremony was held on June 14 (Monday) in a small scale (Monday).
This year's "Proud KNU People" was selected by Choi Si Young, chairman of the Chuncheon Bowling Association (74), Han Kwang Ho, CEO of E&C Architecture Office (77), Yoo Jung Bae (83) and Park Geun Chul (87) in Gyeonggi Province. A total of three students were selected for the student category, including Lee Jae In (Physical Education Division), Volunteer (Animal Resources Division), Seo Ki Hoon (Animal Resources Division), and Choi Woo Suk (Mechanical Engineering Department).

At the awards ceremony, President Kim Heon Young gave commendation and merit plaques to the winners, praised and thanked the university for its honor, and urged Kangwon National University to continue to show a lot of interest and support to take a leap forward.

Meanwhile, university officials, including President Kim Heon Young, Industry-Academic Research Vice President Choi Hwang Kyu, Student Affairs Minister Jang Hee Soon, Student Affairs Minister Kang Sung Hoon and Student Council President Kim Joon Kyum, attended the ceremony to congratulate and encourage the students.