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The Gangwon-Province Graduate Education Support Center, is selected as the 『First Year Outstanding Project Group』
Refer 74 Date 2021.07.01
The 『Gangwon Regional Graduate Education Support Center』 (Center Director Park Joo Byung) operated by our University was selected as an excellent business group after receiving an "Excellent" grade in the first year's performance evaluation.

The Graduate Education Support Center, organized by the Ministry of Education and the Korea Institute of Education and Academic Information, operates 10 centers nationwide, and is aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of university education by revitalizing remote education and switching to a future education system.

The 『Gangwon Regional Graduate Education Support Center』, organized and operated by our University, is participated by 13 universities within the province with the aim of establishing a joint platform for remote education.

This assessment evaluated the performance of business operations in the first year of the total business period (5 years) (2011.-2021.3.). In particular, the 『Gangwon Regional Graduate Education Support Center』 was evaluated for its excellent performance in content development and support for studio construction by participating universities, despite its short period of five months.

Park Joo Byung, head of the Graduate Education Support Center in Gangwon Province, said, "We will do our best to provide high quality education at universities in the province by establishing an online and offline convergence education platform that leads the post-corona era."