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「Fine Dust Management Specialized Graduate School」
Refer 51 Date 2021.07.20
KNU is selected as the 「Graduate School of Fine Dust Management」 organized by the Ministry of Environment and the Korea Institute of Environmental Industry and Technology.

‘Specialized Graduate School for Fine Dust Management’ is a project to train master and doctorate-level professionals to respond to environmental issues, and three universities, including Kangwon National University, Anyang University and Korea University, were selected this year.

In the future, our University will receive a total of 2.3 billion won over three years, and will operate master's and doctorate courses and professional track courses*.
* Curriculum consisting of completion of specialized subjects, industry-academia-related projects, field training, and internship training to foster professional human resources suitable for the field of education.

The Graduate School specializes in fine dust management trains more than 24 professionals every year through curricula such as ▲measuring and analyzing sources of fine dust reduction emissions, ▲modeling fine dust, and ▲risk assessment.

In addition, it plans to work closely with atmospheric-related industries and public institutions to operate employment-linked processes such as internships and industry-academic cooperation projects.

Lee Myung-hwa, Professor of Environmental Engineering, in charge of research at this specialized graduate school while ▲Han Young-ji (Eco-environmental Science), ▲Lee Sang-deok (Forest Environment Protection), ▲Kwak Kyung-hwan (Eco-environmental Science) ▲ Park Se-jun (Industrial Engineering), ▲Kim Woo-jin, ▲Hong Seok-Ho (Medicine) ▲Kim Hee-gap (Eco-environmental Science), ▲Lim Sung-rin, (Environmental Engineering) ▲Park Tae-hyun (Law) professors are participaing to the project.

Professor Lee Myung-hwa said, "We expect to play a leading role in solving future environmental issues by utilizing the human and material infrastructure of Kangwon National University.