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「Capstone Design Metaverse Festival」 held
Refer 107 Date 2022.01.24
The LINC+ Project Team (Director Choi Seong-woong) and the Engineering Education Innovation Center (Centre Director Jeong Gu-hwan) held the 「2021 Semester 2 Kangwon National University Capstone Design Metaverse Festival」 on the KNU Metaverse platform on December 28 (Tuesday).
26 teams out of 89 capstone design projects conducted during the second semester of the 2021 academic year participated in this competition, and it was held online and offline in accordance with social distancing due to COVID-19.
26 participating teams set up their own metabus avatars to present videos and answer questions about assignments in a virtual space, and President Kim Heon-young's avatar appeared at the awards ceremony, drawing attention.
In this competition, the Grand Prize was won by ▲ the "Capstone?" team (Mechatronics major)'s "Automatic Toilet Raising Aid" ▲ "Scribbling Picture Book" team (Korean Language Literature major).
Choi Sung-woong, head of LINC+ business, said, "I think it is meaningful that there is a place where students can share the achievements of Capstone design in the COVID-19 Pandemic situation," adding, "I hope you can share your achievements and feel new joy in the virtual reality metabus that combines technology and art."
On the other hand, the LINC+ project team plans to take this festival as an opportunity to promote intellectual property rights application and registration support, the project to upgrade the results of the project group, support for start-up clubs, cooperate with related organizations, and support projects for nurturing local talent.