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Park Beom-gye, Minister of Justice, held「Conversation with Young Entrepreneurs at Kangwon National University」
Refer 105 Date 2022.01.25
Park Beom-gye, Minister of Justice, visited our university on January 6 (Thursday) and had a「Dialogue with the Young Entrepreneurs of Kangwon National University」.
The meeting held at the Chuncheon Campus KNU Start-up Cube was attended by Justice Minister Park Beom-gye, Justice Minister Lee Sang-gap, Law School President Chung Jin-geun, and Industry-Academic Cooperation Leader Jang Cheol-sung.
The event was organized as a communication venue to identify legal difficulties and demands for legal support from young entrepreneurs, including college students, to promote the Ministry of Justice's ‘ Start-up Legal Support Platform Construction Project.’
Before the meeting, Park Beom-gye, Minister of Justice, toured the campus with officials from our university and toured the site of the campus innovation park and the KNU start-up cube.
The event started with a greeting from Park Beom-gye, Minister of Justice, followed by the presentation of the outline and current status of the Ministry of Justice’s ‘Start-up Legal Support Platform Construction Project’ and talks and discussions with young entrepreneurs.
▲Neulpoom Naejin E&C CEO Song Joon-hyeok ▲ Lensware CEO Lee Jae-kyung ▲ Potato Island CEO Kim Gyu-hyun ▲ Confle CEO Won-jun Choi ▲ BS Eco Pre-Founder Hee-cheol Lee attended the meeting to convey the difficulties they felt on the spot.
Park Beom-gye, Minister of Justice, said, “The Ministry of Justice has been providing legal support for start-ups and SMEs for several years through the ‘Ministry of Justice Legal Support Team,’ which consists of lawyers specialized in each field, such as IT and intellectual property. We will listen to our vivid experiences and ideas so that we can provide a one-stop start-up support service.”
On the other hand, ‘Neulpoom Seismic ENC Co., Ltd.’ specializes in building structures and earthquake-resistant performance reinforcement methods established in 2021, and ‘Lensware’ is a specialized manufacturer of contact lens-related products established in 2018.
‘Potato Island’ was established in 2020 to produce and sell homemade potato beer, and ‘Confle’ was established in 2019 to provide an AI algorithm-based restaurant recommendation service. ‘BS Eco’ is scheduled to be established next year based on edible coating technology.