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Department of Forest and Environmental Sciences opens 「2022 Freshmen Trees Planting Event」
Refer 39 Date 2022.04.21
The Department of Forest and Environmental Sciences (Dean Seung-Hwan Lee) held the "2022 Freshmen Trees Planting Event" at the university’s forest located in Hongcheon-gun on April 8 (Fri) to celebrate the 77th Trees Planting Day.

280 people, including freshmen of the Department of Forest and Environmental Sciences, faculty members, and residents of Bukbang-ri, participated in the event, planting a total of 9,000 Royal Azalea trees, 7,000 of which were donated by the Bukbang 1-ri Village Council in Hongcheon-gun, thus, carrying out greening activities.

In particular, according to the COVID-19 situation the Department of Forest and Environmental Sciences conducted tree planting events by thoroughly complying with quarantine rules such as wearing masks and hand disinfection.

Seung-Hwan Lee, dean of the College of Forest and Environmental Science, said, "Trees, which are growing in the university’s forest, are a big heritage planted by your seniors and managed by your juniors“, adding ”I wish that it will become a beautiful gift for the next generation and I hope that we will remember this