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College of Humanities, Social Sciences and Design, Sports holds 「Metabus studio opening」
Refer 47 Date 2022.04.21
Our university’s College of Humanities, Social Sciences and Design, Sports (Dean Gi-Soon Joun) held an opening of newly constructed Metabus Studio and PBL lecture room on April, 11 in the building of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Metabus studio is a space with advanced technology, where students can have lectures and other students activities through a virtual space to realize Metabus, which has currently drawn a lot of attention. Metabus Studio is the first high-tech space on Samcheok Campus with a total budget of 1,5 billion won.

The opening ceremony was attended by Vice President Jeong-Eui Yun, dean of colleges, and members of the college student council, who have experienced themselves different activities in the virtual space.

Through Metabus Studio, our university's education has established a foundation for effectively responding to the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Also, it is expected that it will promote MZ generation students to take interest in lectures and school life, consequently contributing to an improvement in the students’ enrollment rate.