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College of Education holds 「Green Experience Training for Understanding Sustainable Development」
Refer 38 Date 2022.04.25
The College of Education (Dean Dae-Sik Park) held a 「Green Experience Training for Understanding Sustainable Development」 at the school farm on April 16 (Sat).

This training was organized to practice green education through understanding the importance of agriculture and rural areas and responding to the climate crisis, due to an increased necessity for practical actions, such as the recent implementation of the "Carbon Neutrality Act" and "Regional Development through Sustainable Development realization".

This training was conducted for students at the College of Education with the aim of cultivating the intelligence and morality of pre-service teachers and fostering practical activists through hands-on education such as planting melons and potato and farm field trips.

Joon-Woo Park, student council president of the College of Education, said, "This education was a good experience for participating students to understand Gangwon province and Chuncheon community and contribute to the regional development."

Dae-Sik Park, dean of the College of Education, said, "This training has been an opportunity for students from the metropolitan area to experience agriculture and understand the public interest for rural areas. We will continue to operate various green education programs for sustainable development in order to recognize the seriousness of the climate crisis and the necessity of responding to it."

Meanwhile, in July 2021, our university established the "Sustainable Innovation Center" for the first time among national universities to implement the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and is carrying out various projects to contribute to the community and solve global challenges through university’s education, research, and service.