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College of Education held 「Green Practice Education on Rice Planting in Traditional Methods for Sustainable Development」
Refer 28 Date 2022.05.11
The College of Education (Dean Park Dae-sik) held a "Green Practice Education on Rice Planting in Traditional Methods for the Implementation of Sustainable Development" at its affiliated farm on May 5 (Thursday).

This training was designed to understand the importance of agriculture and rural areas and to practice green education such as the recent implementation of the Carbon Neutral Basic Act and the increasing need for practical actions such as "regional development through the practice of sustainable development goals."

This training was conducted with the aim of cultivating the intelligence and virtue of pre-service teachers and fostering practical talent through traditional rice planting experience education for students at the College of Education.

In particular, the participating students planted rice varieties such as Dongjin, Hoban, and Odae directly through a carbon-neutral method without using a machine, and conducted special lectures on climate and rice varieties in Gangwon-do before rice planting.

Previously, the College of Education conducted a Green Experience Education (Melon/Potato Planting and Ranch Tour) on April 16 (Sat) as an educational program linked to "End Hunger (SDG2)" and "Health and Wellness (SDG3)", various green education programs will be operated to practice SDGs in the future.

Park Dae-sik, head of the College of Education, said, "This training will serve as an opportunity to understand the natural environment and ecosystem of prospective teachers in depth. We will continue to promote various comparison programs to foster talented people who can conduct efficient environmental education."

Meanwhile, our university was selected as the "World 101-200th" in the "2022 THE World University Influence Assessment", which evaluates the contribution of each university to the achievement of 17 SDGs adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015